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Weaponry Sparring

Location: Toa Payoh Town Park
Timing: Sundays, 10.50am

Using highly specialized and realistic weapons imported from RSW (Realistic Sparring Weapons), you can now engage in weaponry combat in the safest and most realistic manner.
RSW weapons features:
- real weapon shape & size
- real weapon weight & balance
- execute historically accurate techniques with safety

Sparring allows combatants to engage each other in a free-response situation, developing true timing, true speed, true skills and deeper understanding the execution of historical techniques.

For those who do not have their own equipments, may rent:
- First-timer try-out is $5 flat
- Subsequently will be $10 for weapon, and $5 for helmet.
- Free participation if you have your own equipments

Besides the obvious physical qualities that one can develop, sparring is also a fantastic place for one to cultivate and mold their character. To truly cultivate positive human character here is by actively training, as stated below. Though in time to come, you will find yourself developing other traits like, self-confidence, humility etc.
In a fight
- Bow
A bow before a match demonstrates not only courteousy, it also expresses your gratitude to your fellow training partner for helping you to learn.

- Sparring
Keep your posture upright, give your 100% best, demonstrate an unwavering spirit, fearless attitude, no matter who you're facing, at all times. Your opponent may be wearing a splendid armour, may be an extremely experienced/skilled fighter, but you NEVER let yourself lose mentally. Look ahead and overcome.

- Receiving a strike
Be thankful for each strike you receive. Because every strike you receive is your opponent telling you where your weak spots are and what you should work on.
When you do get hit, honestly express that you've got hit. This is easy honesty.
The more difficult part is being honest with your own weakness and where you have to work on.

- Giving a strike
Once you've decided to make a strike, devote every strike you give with complete commitment without the fear of being hit.
When you do hit someone, DO NOT immediately assume that your strike is valid. Always keep your guard and alertness up.

- Bow
Give a courteous bow to demonstrate your thanks to your training partner for helping you to learn.

- Haoyu wielding dual-swords, delivers a wicked thrust to Jack's face!

- Greg w/ European Bastard Sword and Jack with Katana in a clash of will!

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