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Sparring Weapons/Swords
We only use RSW Weapons/Swords for their high realism and safety. Each RSW weapon has the same weight, balance, shape, handling as a real weapon. Historical techniques can all be executed accurately. Wielding a RSW weapon feels the same as wielding its real weapon counterpart!

Protective Gear
Protective gears need to worn during sparring for safety. It would be advisable to contact us for advise when you've decided to purchase protective gears for RSW weaponry sparring.

- Head & Throat Protection
Currently we're using hockey helmets. For better protection, you might want to get hockey goal-keeper helmets as these have throat protection from the front. You may get regular hockey helmets as long as they have
- full face cage protection
- shell + protective foam all over the head
The ears and the whole face are areas you really want to protect.

- Gloves
Fingers and wrist area are rather fragile and these are areas which you'll find that gets hit often in combat. Padded hockey gloves are cheap and effective. However some are padded on the palm area as well, thus giving you a "thicker" grip when you wield your weapon. Kendo gloves will work well too.

- Torso Protection
The upper chest area is already protected by the ribs, the area that you might want to protect is the lower chest area, meaning the stomach and the waist/kidney area. You may get Kendo torso armour (the "dou"), or some general padded sparring armour from martial arts supply shops.

- Groin Protection
Self-explanatory. Easily available at martial arts supply shops.

Links of interest
- SkateLine Singapore
- Itech - hockey gear brand

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