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Welcome to SgSparring.com (Historical Combat Association)
Historical Weaponry Training Group in Singapore.

Founded in late 2004, and passionately dedicating to the study of historical weaponry ever since. Highly unique and one-of-a-kind specialized weapons, called RSW, allows everyone to practice and spar with historical weaponry in the safest and most realistic manner.

Each session consists of:
- Training in unarmed techniques. With understanding, techniques can be applied to a wide range of weapons.
- Sparring with Realistic Sparring Weapons.

25 April 2010
Video Compilation of the Wargames conducted on 25 April 2010

1 Jan 2010
Happy New Year 2010!!
2009 was a very very eventful year.
Right at the beginning, we were invited for Chingay 2009, one of THE most prestigious events in Singapore.
And then we got invited for more workshops in Community Centres, and eventually branched into conducting regular courses.
I believe each one of us gained valuable life-experience through these events that helped you to enrich your life.

Plans have already been made for 2010.
A new year, and a new beginning. Let's work together to achieve more breakthroughs this year!

Happy New Year 2010!!

19 Dec 2009
Temasek Poly Demonstration
A big thank you to Samson, Roy, Desmond, Calvin for making it to our Temasek Poly demonstration. It was a splendid exchange session when we get to spar with some Kendo practitioners.
View the photos here! Special thanks to Cindy, for taking the photos ;-)

18 Oct 2009
Please note that we have a confirmed workshop at Bukit Panjang CC next Sunday, 25 Oct 2009, so no regular sessions at Toa Payoh Town Park then.
25 Oct 2009 Bukit Panjang CC Workshop
Location: Bukit Panjang CC / Map
Venue: Multi-purpose Hall
Nearest MRT: From Choa Chu Kang MRT, take the LRT to Pending Station.
Timing: Please reach the CC around 10.15am

Thanks to everyone who made this workshop a success!
View photos here (special thanks to Cindy!)

30 Sept 2009
Greg's big birthday party is coming up! Let me know if you can make it on 10th Oct, Saturday.
And Calvin has taken some photos of his own, take a look!

19 Aug 2009
I made a video compilation, using footage from 2007 to 2009, in honour of the efforts put in by the hardworking souls in our group.
The soundtrack is one of two, which was used during our live demonstration at Chingay 2009 in Jan.
Enjoy! =)

13 Jul 2009
View pictures from the Gekiken demo done at Suntec City on 11 and 12 July 2009!

23 Jun 2009
Japanese swordsmen sparring with RSW at SwordFest 2009.

25 May 2009
Zhihong is back in Singapore for a while from overseas studies, and took pictures of our session today.
- Samson and Zero in spear fight: Pic1, Pic2, Pic3, Pic4, Pic5, Pic6, Pic7
- Kevin and Andrew's Weapons
- Jack in Seigan no Kamae
- Zero vs Greg's Buckler
- Jack, cross-spear vs Greg's sword and buckler: Pic1, Pic2, Pic3, Hook It!
- Andrew and Jack in close combat
- Andrew with BasketHilt Broadsword vs Haoyu with Spear
- Andrew with BasketHilt Broadsword vs Jack with Cross-Spear
- Jack got stabbed in the throat by Andrew
- Samson with Nito vs Andrew with Baskethilt and Dirk: Pic1, Pic2
- Zero smiling after getting chopped by Greg
- Jack, Nito 1
- Jack, Nito 2

10 March 2009
Just to share 2 interesting videos with everyone:
- Video: Greg uses his new Tomahawk and Bowie Knife, while Jack uses his new sparring rifle/bayonet (1.7m long, modelled after the Japanese WWII Arisaka Rifle).
- Video: Interesting sword sparring activity by the Japanese. I don't know what they're using for sparring, however their weapon seem fairly rigid, and they hit full contact WITHOUT protection. O.O

31st Jan 2009
Our humble training group was invited to demonstrate at the prestigous national event of the year, Chingay 2009.
Read the full report and pictures!

28 Dec 2008

Huge thanks to everyone who attended the Christmas-cum-New Year session today.
Especially the pioneers of this training group, and everyone who joined us in 2008:
- Greg, for your dedicated attendance!
- Haoyu, for your silent efforts
- Caili, for your helpfulness
- Jeremy, good luck in NS! We didn't forget you! =D
- Zero, for your dedicated efforts
- Norman, slay us with your Pudao!
- Aaron, for your generosity
- Melvin, for your enthusiasm
- Simon!, for your most heartfelt efforts in training. Good luck in Australia!
- Thomas, have a speedy recovery
- Shunjing, for your hardworking efforts, keep it up!
- Alexis, miss teasing you =D
- Darelle, for your enthusiasm
- Leonard and Luel, for bringing your friends along
Without the dedication efforts, attendance and contributions by everyone, this training group would not have been here today.

Great effort displayed by the newcomers, hope to see each one of you soon! ;-)

Here's wishing everyone a fruitful year coming ahead!
See you all next year! ;-)

2 Nov 2008
I would like to take this opportunity to highlight something. Today (2 Nov 2008), Zero was late in setting off from home. If he had taken the MRT, he would have been late for our training/sparring session. So despite being a youth without much source of income, he spent his own money to take a taxi down, just so he can be on time. Much appreciated commendable effort, attitude and sense of responsibility.
Well done, Zero!

6 November 2008, Thursday
Swordsmanship Workshop
Location: Anchorvale CC
Address: 59 Anchorvale Road, Singapore 544965
Venue: Hall, 2nd level
Time: 7.30pm to 9.30pm
Nearest MRT: Sengkang MRT Station
Nearest LRT: Farmway LRT Station
  AAR Report: Small and enthusiastic turn out, with an Aikido practitioner among us. The good thing about a small group is that everyone gets to train and learn more. For once, we get to train and spar in a rather dark-setting, which would mean less reliance on visual input. Eager bunch, with people once again asking if this is a longer-term course. Our application is in processing, so hang on, it's coming soon!
Special Thanks to:
- Zero, for coming to my house to help carry the swords and gears.
- Norman, for making the extra effort to join in, even after a whole tiring day of studying
Thanks guys!

14 Oct 2008
Quote: Society will never become a pleasant place in which to live if its members continue to expect someone else to do those things which require a spirit of self-sacrifice. Otake Risuke

Simon's flight to Australia is this Sunday, 19 Oct 2008, 6.10pm.
Simon has been one of the backbone of our group. One of the more hardworking and regularly attending ones around. Furthermore, he has gone out of the way to help promote our group to his friends, and not to forget, bringing the spare helmet down for you guys. Let's wish Simon a safe journey and all the best in Australia.
Anyone wanna go to the airport to send him off together, please contact me. Thanks!
10 Oct 2008
Happy Birthday To Greg!!!
It's Greg's birthday today! Greg has been one of the backbone of our group, and have been very generous in lending out his swords to everyone. Without Greg's contribution, our group won't be what it is today. So let's take this opportunity to wish Greg a very
Happy Birthday! =)

1 Oct 2008
4 Oct 2008 Saturday
Farewell Party
- for Simon who is leaving for Australia.
Location: East Coast Park
Venue: BBQ Pit 13
Time: 4.30pm

It's a beach party with BBQ, and we get free food!

- Negi vs Zero
- Norman vs AlucardX
- Alex vs Invinc
- Shaft vs ReinhartX
- Killer vs xTsuki
- Simon vs 2 guys
- Simon vs another 2 guys
- Goat fight!

19 Sep 2008
21 Sept 2008 Sunday
Location: Taman Jurong Community Center
Address: 1 YUNG SHENG ROAD, Singapore 618495
Venue: Meet near registration/information office
Time: 10.35am (Be there at 10.10am to get prepared)
Nearest MRT Station(s): Lakeside MRT

Lunch on me for those who help out. ;-)

After-Action Report:
  The demonstration was a tremendous success, with the CC staff really eager to put us on stage. I started off with a brief introduction about what we do, and the equipment (RSW) that we use, followed by a little information on Japanese weapons. Greg then continued with an introduction of his mainly European arsenal, along with his brand new Claymore which just arrived the day before.
  Protective gears were put on, and we showcased a series of mixed-weaponry sparring to the audiences. Final fight was Caili with Katana and Wakizashi, facing Greg who put his new Claymore to a fight for the very first time. I gave a short ending speech, assuring the audience of the pain-issue.
  As I was stepping off the stage and clearing away the swords, one of the CC staff went up stage, helping to promote our activity, and wondering about the pain-issue. I picked up the Katana and went up stage again to physically let him know how it feels like by hitting him on the forearm.
  As we proceed to our designated space for sparring and for public members to try out, there was a Wushu performance on stage. We stood and watch for several minutes, after which we approached them and had a friendly sparring session with the CC's wushu training group!
Special Thanks to:
- Greg, for bringing down his entire arsenal down again and his ever-sportiveness which brought much life and spirit to our group
- Caili, for coming down to my house and help to bring the swords to the CC
- Haoyu, for coming down when it's the stressful exam periods.
- Norman, for coming just in time to join in the demonstration! =D
- and last but definitely not least, Simon for bringing down an extra helmet so that interested people may try out
The demonstration is a great success because of you guys. Thank you all so much!

2 Sep 2008
Just something to share here. In this video from Hong Kong, Lancelot's weekly sparring videos, you can see that Lancelot sparred with someone who turned up with his own home-made sword and it broke within 3 of Lancelot's strikes. Tells you something about quality here.
31 Aug 2008
Videos from 24 Aug 2008, a well-attended session with splendid turn-up, kindly uploaded by Greg
  • Haoyu w/ Short Kagi-Yari vs Greg w/ Zulu War Spear
  • Norman w/ Chinese Jian vs Greg w/ European Bastard Sword
  • Norman w/ Chisa-Katana vs Greg w/ Lankonian & Buckler
  • Jack w/ Short Kagi-Yari vs Greg w/ Zulu War Spear

    13 Jul 2008
  • Zero w/ Katana vs Greg w/ European Bastard Sword
  • Jack w/ Kama vs Greg w/ Lankonian & Buckler
  • Jack w/ Kama vs Greg w/ Lankonian
  • Greg w/ European Sabre vs Simon & Melvin
  • Greg w/ European Sabre vs Simon & Melvin (2)
  • Greg w/ European Sabre vs Melvin & Friend
    23 Aug 2008
    Workshop at Pasir Ris East CC
    Much appreciated and special thanks to Jeremy for helping out, otherwise I would have 'died'. Still owe you lunch buddy. ;-)
    Fantastic turnout and great enthusiasm by the participants. Hope to see all of you again soon. =)
    20 Jul 2008
    Today, 20 July 2008, was a most splendid day. Thanks to everyone's help, we had a successful and very much enjoyable demonstration at Hwi Yoh CC's open house, and a workshop at Toa Payoh East CC.
    Special thanks to:
    - Greg, for your most generous contribution by bringing your entire RSW collection down
    - Simon, for your ever helpfulness and enthusiasm. And also running the distance of 4 bus-stops in the morning with all the wooden swords on your back. =D
    - Jeremy, without you, I don't know how to go home with so many weapons with me.
    - Shunjing, for helping out early in the morning. More CIP hours ahead waiting for you to claim. ;-)
    - Haoyu, for coming down to help even when it's the stressful exam periods
    Hontou ni arigatou gozaimashita~!

    13 Jul 2008
    20 July 2008
    Location: Hwi Yoh Community Center
    Address: 535 SERANGOON NORTH AVE 4, #01-179 Singapore 550535
    Venue: Basketball Court
    Time: 9.30am to 10.30am (Be there at 9.10 to get prepared)
    Nearest MRT Station(s): Hougang / Kovan

    and then we will head down to...

    Location: Toa Payoh East Community Center
    Address: 160 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh (S) 319380
    Venue: 3rd Floor Dance Studio
    Time: 12noon to 2pm
    Nearest MRT Station(s): Toa Payoh

    KFC Lunch on me for those who help out. ;-)

    Videos (Hwi Yoh CC Open House):
  • Shunjing vs Greg & Jack
  • Greg w/ Lankonian vs Jack w/ 2 swords
  • Greg, Simon, Jack in rotational sparring
  • Jeremy w/ Katana vs Jack w/ Kama
  • Greg w/ European Saber vs Jeremy w/ Katana
  • Greg tries out short sword with 2 kids

  • 10 Jul 2008
    Video: Interesting fight between Lancelot (Founder of RSW) and a friend. Make a guess what style his friend is trained in. Look for me during training for the answer. ;-)

    12 Jun 2008
    I don't usually watch much anime, but I came across this title which was recommended by someone in a Kendo forum. The anime title is "Sword of the Stranger". Turns out to be a really awesome anime, with fluid animations and swordplay. You can watch it on Crunchyroll.

    8 Jun 2008
    Video: Greg w/ Zulu War Spear vs Jack w/ Kama

    7 Jun 2008
    Video: Simon w/ Bastard Sword vs Aaron w/ Kama

    2 Jun 2008
    Video: Jack w/ Kama vs Greg w/ Greek Lakonian Dagger
    Video: Jeremy w/ Dao vs Haoyu w/ Jian

    1 Jun 2008
    From Greg's camera:
    Video: Aaron w/ Katana vs Greg w/ European Bastard Sword (1 Jun 2008)
    Video: Jack w/ Kama vs Greg w/ Dagger & Buckler (1 Jun 2008)
    Video: Greg w/ Lakonian Dagger vs Jeremy w/ Chinese Jian (25 May 2008)
    Video: Greg w/ Zulu War Spear vs Jeremy w/ Chinese Jian (25 May 2008)
    Video: Greg w/ European Sabre vs Haoyu w/ Chinese Jian (25 May 2008)
    Video: Haoyu w/ Zulu War Spear vs Greg w/ Dagger & Buckler (25 May 2008)
    Video: Jack w/ Da Dao vs Greg w/ European Bastard Sword (25 May 2008)
    Video: Jeremy w/ Da Dao vs Greg w/ European Bastard Sword (18 May 2008)
    Video: Jack w/ Katana vs Greg w/ Greek Lakonian Dagger (18 May 2008)
    Video: Jack w/ Da Dao vs Greg w/ Zulu War Spear (4 May 2008)
    Video: Jeremy w/ Sabre vs Greg w/ Dagger & Buckler (13 Apr 2008)

    11 May 2008
    Video: Jack w/ Katana vs Greg w/ Greek Lakonian Dagger!

    10 May 2008
    Updated Sparring page.

    4 May 2008
    Video: Ambush Scenario on 20 Apr 2008

    24 Apr 2008
    Video: Jack w/ Katana in "Jodan no Kamae" vs Caili w/ Dual-Wakizashi

    17 Apr 2008
    2 photographers with SLR past by our sparring and took some photos.
    Check out the Gallery for some hi-res photos!

    10 Apr 2008
    - Video: Haoyu w/ European Sabre vs Greg w/ Sword & Shield
    (Greg is getting really good at the sword & shield combination~!)

    1 Apr 2008
    Happy April's Fool everyone!
    - Video: Faiz w/ Katana vs Jack w/ Zulu War Spear
    - Video: Azmi w/ Bastard vs Greg w/ Sword and Buckler
    - Video: Ambush Scenario compilation (hilarious video. Folks keep getting mixed up which side they're on. XD )

    28 Mar 2008
    Greg had the distinguished privilege of becoming the first owner of an RSW Expert Grade Sabre.
    - double-edge tip (great for winding up behind and cutting your opponent's back)
    - complex hilt design which protects the fingers/wrist/forearm from downwards, forwards, upwards attacks! O.O"
    - slimmer blade design for extra realism, and also extra pain.

    23 Mar 2008
    - Video: Ambush Scenario compilation.

    05 Mar 2008
    Been busy with work & training, and didn't have the chance to update the News section.
    So in case you haven't noticed, there is a big update of photos at the Gallery.
    Plus 2 special clips featuring an Ambush scenario:
    - Video: Jack escapes from ambush.
    - Video: Greg takes down the assassins! O.O

    24 Jan 2008
    New photo: Haoyu w/ Katana vs Jeremy w/ Twin Kodachi
    New photo: Greg deflects Jack's "hidari katate-zuki" (left single-hand thrust). Saito Hajime's Gatotsu, anyone?

    08 Jan 2008
    New video: Haoyu w/ Dual Wakizashi vs Greg w/ Zulu War Spear.

    07 Jan 2008
    New video: Jack w/ Katana vs Haoyu w/ Zulu War Spear.
    - Grassland fight under the sun *phew* ^_^"

    04 Jan 2008
    New photo uploaded to Gallery.
    Added a new page: Sparring

    01 Jan 2008
    Happy New Year everyone! Looking forward to more great fights in 2008! Gambarimashou~!
  • Location: Toa Payoh Town Park
    Timing: Every Sunday, 10.30am

    Lian He Zao Bao News Article
    10 Jun 2009


    Someday, in the years to come, you'll be wrestling with the Great Temptation, or trembling under the Great Sorrow of your life.

    But the real struggle, is here. Now.

    Now it is being decided, whether in the day of your supreme sorrow or temptation, you shall fail miserably or gloriously conquer.

    Character cannot be made, except by a steady long continued process.
    ~ Philips Brooks

    Play contact sports?
    Learn from Rocky

    from: The New Paper, 20 April 2010, Reader Ace Kindred Cheong

      After reading the reports, "Opponent says: I was just scoring points" and "Teacber hands in assault evidence" (The New Paper, April 16), I have to say that in sports, the most important is not winning or losing.
      What is important is sportsmanship, fair play and the need to be aware of everyone's safety.
      Those who do sports, especially contact sports like rugby and taekwondo, should learn from Rocky, played by Sylvester Stallone. He could have own a boxing round but chose not to land a punch that could have killed his opponent.

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